Dos Luces Lights Up South Broadway With South American Brewery Concept


By Dylan Hochstedler  

After ongoing opening-day delays, Dos Luces Brewery has opened its doors to customers at the South American-themed brewery and taproom. 

Positioned on the same block as Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales, Dos Luces also brings a niche concept to the state’s brewing scene – Chicha and Pulque.

“An Incan staple still enjoyed throughout the Andes, Chicha is a beer brewed from corn,” said Judd Belstock, Dos Luces owner and head brewer. “Dos Luces brews with malted blue corn, and we mix with whole kernels of Peruvian purple corn to give our Chicha its distinctive color and flavor. Sweet and refreshing, Chicha is an everyday indulgence.”

Pulque is also a South American brew in which the main ingredient comes from the sap of a maguey plant.

“Pulque is experiencing a revival across Mexico, with these fresh, vibrant brews being enjoyed late into the night,” Belstock said. “Touched with cinnamon and mixed with fruits, the spicy, sweet, and sour flavors take what might be heavy metal soundtrack and turn it into a symphony on your tongue. With bold, sweet and sour flavors, as well as higher alcohol, Pulque offers a more intense experience (than Chicha). As with everything brewed in-house, our Chicha and Pulque are completely gluten-free,” he added.

While Chicha and Pulque are the staples of Dos Luces, Belstock wants his brewery to be a gathering place for people of all ages and demographics.

“We brew a non-alcoholic Chicha Morada,” he said. “Made from purple corn, fruit, spices, and sugar, think of it as Peruvian root beer. Ours is made much like our Chicha, but unfermented, and sweetened with a touch of maguey nectar.” 

In addition to Chicha Morada, Dos Luces offers Mexican Coke and Jarritos soda to the folks that aren’t looking for alcohol.

As with any older building that undergoes a major upgrade, Dos Luces experienced delays with government approvals and remodeling surprises. However, the results are impressive. 

Upon entering Dos Luces, you are immediately welcomed at the zocalo, which translates to central plaza.

“We designed the front of our sales room to resemble a zocalo in an effort to create a relaxing community environment that is about as close to a patio as you can get on South Broadway,” Belstock said. “That, combined with our ‘Brewer’s Table’ area, which is designed to feel like a cave in Peru, are our core community spaces where we encourage people to relax and enjoy the environment while enjoying our beverages together, preferably from a shared 32-ounce pitcher.”

While Dos Luces had its soft opening in late July, and has been in what Belstock is calling a “preview period,” the grand opening is set for Labor Day weekend. Although nothing is set in stone, Belstock is hoping to host events such as Denver Public Schools night, First Responders night, Thirsty Thursdays, Industry Nights and more. Belstock is also hoping GABF will bring lots of traffic to his newly opened taproom.

Dos Luces, 1236 S. Broadway, is open Tuesday-Thursday from 4-10 p.m., Friday from 1-10 p.m., Saturdays noon-10 p.m. and Sundays from noon-9 p.m.Check here for more information.