Christmas Spirit in the Summertime


By Natasha Lovato

Children in Colorado Springs will have local breweries to thank if they see a surprise under the Christmas tree this year.

An impressive 19 of the 32 breweries in Colorado Springs poured beers and raised money for the Empty Stocking Fund at the recent 719 Day Brew Fest, so named for the city’s 719 area code. The Empty Stocking Fund provides toys for needy children during the holiday season.

Jon Eddy, who organized the festival, said giving back to the local community and drinking beer “makes a perfect combo.” 

He said the event is a lucrative fundraiser and a way to highlight some valuable and talented local business owners.

“Every single one of these breweries are small businesses that all started by someone who decided to take a leap and put it all on the line through something they believed in and that’s extremely important. Not only on a human scale but for our local economy and for the Springs in general,” Eddy said. 

Cooper Davidson of Bristol Brewing Company has participated in the festival for four years, and enjoys sharing his craft brews with attendees from all over the state. 

“You can have beers you like, and beers you don’t like, but there are no bad beers here at 719 Brewfest,” he said.

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