Get Ready for the Season of Après

Be ready to carve up the mountain this winter

By Kim Fuller 

The season for winter sports is upon us. You may be feeling that initial concern of whether you’re in shape for shredding powder, but there is something else to consider: Are you ready to après? 

Denelle Numis is a yoga teacher and founder of Après Yoga Events. She began running the events in Denver to pair yoga with a social gathering, and what better place to do this than a brewery? Not to mention, Numis skis and says she “loves to après.” 

“We welcome students of all kinds into your favorite local watering hole for an all-levels yoga practice,” Numis shares. “Après Yoga, or after class, students come together in community to enjoy some of the best hand-crafted brews, wines and cocktails around.” 

Breweries like Alpine Dog, Ratio Beerworks and Crazy Mountain have worked with Numis to host the classes, and she is already filling up the winter calendar.

In honor of ski and snowboard season (and all the après sessions we are about to enjoy), Numis has shared four poses to get your body ready to hit the slopes. 


High Lunge with Shoulder Extension

Numis says high lunge is one of her all-time favorite poses, as it helps you feel empowered and ready for a day on the slopes. Take one leg forward and the opposite leg behind you. Bend the front knee to a 90-degree angle, rise into a high lunge and release your arms behind you. Interlace your grip and extend your arms out to broaden your chest. This posture builds strength in your legs and opens the front of your body.


Sumo Squat

You will either love to hate or hate to love this one. Take a wide stance with toes turned out, heels turned in. Lower your elbows to the top of your thighs or inside your knees. Grab hold of your calves, shins or ankles. Press your elbows into your knees and knees back into elbows for a deep adductor and inner-groin stretch. Squats are great for obvious reasons but this one takes it to a whole other level.


Half Splits

Now that we’ve built some strength in your legs, it’s time to stretch them out. Come onto your hands and knees, step one foot forward and keep your back knee down. Extend your front leg forward and flex your front foot. Press into your front heel as you find extension in both your spine and your hamstrings. Breathe and enjoy the release behind your legs.


Runners Lunge with Quad Stretch

From half-splits, bend your front knee and walk your front foot wider to the edge of your space. With the back knee down, bend your back knee and circle your opposite arm around to capture the foot. For a deeper quad stretch, squeeze your heel to your seat. For a deeper hip flexor release, kick your foot into your hand and pull your heel away from your seat. Pulse in between the two to feel the deep release in the front part of your leg.

Repeat as desired avant ski or après ski, then check out the upcoming Après Yoga classes at