Great Storm Brewing Passes to Nationally Recognized Homebrewer


By Dylan Hochstedler

Last time we talked with Jess Fierro, she was a homebrewer with a dream of becoming one of Colorado’s first professional Latina brewers. She didn’t mention she was already in the early stages of making her dream a reality.

Last June, Fierro had just won the first season of Beerland, a television competition show put on by VICELAND and hosted by Meg Gill, co-founder and president of Los Angeles-based Golden Road Brewing.

After visiting a handful of different states and tasting beer made by several homebrewers within each state, Gill concluded that Fierro’s Tamarind Bière de Garde, Doña Neta, was the best homebrew she had tasted. This meant Fierro got to visit Golden Road Brewing to brew 250 barrels of Doña Neta, which was canned and nationally distributed.


When she won the contest, Fierro was already considering a brewery to call her own. “I was actually approached about the sale of Great Storm Brewing back in May (2017). At that point I was still wrapping up Beerland,” she said. “My husband and I kept going back and forth and then toward the end of summer, we decided ‘hey, why don’t we go ahead and give this a go.’”

Fierro explained that they had a great friendship with Jeff and Lynn Jacobs, previous owners of Great Storm.

“We have been loyal customers of theirs since day one, the day they opened,” she said. “It was so awesome to see Jeff sell it to me and my husband. He has seen my journey as a homebrewer.”

Fierro explained that she plans on eventually closing Great Storm for a few days to rebrand the space. “My intent is to continue to run it as Great Storm Brewing until I can really get my hands dirty and feet wet. Once I get acclimated, I plan on closing down for a few days and reopening as Atrevida Beer Company,” Fierro said.

She explained that “atrevida” is Spanish and it translates to bold, fearless or a go-getter type of personality.

When she reopens as Atrevida, Fierro plans on creating similar beers to the style that she won the Beerland competition with. “My brewing philosophy is getting a good base beer and then adding my own Latina flavors,” she said. “That’s what I intend to do with the beer at the brewery.”