5 Great Drinking Patios in Colorado Springs

Photo: Cerberus Brewing

Photo: Cerberus Brewing

Start Sipping Libations in the Sunshine

By Steve Graham

You can feel the anticipation in the air as rainy spring finally fades away and we all start deciding how to spend our summers. And we’re not talking about summer camps and pools. We’re talking about where we will sip our summer libations this year. Here’s a list of our favorite outdoor drinking spots in Colorado Springs. As always, tell us if we’re wrong, and share your favorite patios.

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5. Restaurant 1858

No Colorado Springs list is complete without at least one Broadmoor spot. This is perhaps the most beautiful and unique patio in the state — a handful of tables built into a box canyon next to roaring waterfalls. It’s also one of the most challenging. You will need to make a reservation for the seasonal restaurant, then park at the Broadmoor, buy a Seven Falls ticket and catch a shuttle up to the restaurant. The menu and wine list are also impressive, but $14 cocktails make this a special occasion spot, not your regular summer hangout. 

4. Cerberus Brewing Company

On to your Friday Afternoon Club meeting room for the summer. The giant patio at Cerberus will accommodate all your co-workers and their friends, and their dogs. It’s like a big backyard party, but with solid and creative craft beer on tap, as well as a full bar and a kitchen cooking up pub fare. You should get your fill while the temps are toasty. The patio is far larger than the dining room, which can fill up fast in the winter.

3. Burrowing Owl

Colorado has plenty of gourmet vegan restaurants, relaxed bohemian lounges and top-notch cocktail bars — but almost never under the same roof. Speaking of the roof, the Burrowing Owl also has a well-sheltered, cozy and dog-friendly patio for enjoying mac and cheese, sloppy joes, nachos and other vegan takes on classic comfort food. Or just come for the drinks. One of the best beer lists in town is accompanied by a fantastic (also vegan) cocktail menu, starting with the signature adult chocolate milk, made with Benchmark bourbon, almond milk, peanut butter and chocolate syrup.

2. Sopra Antipasto & Wine Bar

Paravicini’s is a beloved Italian mainstay in Old Colorado City with its own comfortable, list-worthy patio. But chef Franco Pisani’s sister restaurant takes it to the next level — literally. Upstairs from Paravicini’s is Sopra, with an intimate dining room and a casual rooftop patio that looks out on Pikes Peak. Sopra focuses on Italian tapas, or small shared plates. It also has a 100-bottle wine list, a well-curated and rotating craft beer menu and some classic cocktails with a modern twist. 

1. Axe and The Oak Whiskey House

We love a good distillery, especially one with a large, welcoming patio, gourmet food and a killer happy hour. From 5 to 7 p.m. every day except Sunday, enjoy $5 cocktails and half off punch bowls. And these are no watered-down well drinks. Alejandro Sanchez has been named the best bartender in town by the local daily rag, the Gazette. And most of his drinks are locally sourced. The distillery focuses on local grains from the town of Hugo. If you’re not sold yet, how about live music five nights a week?