Sistine at Stanley Marketplace      

Photo: Monica Parpal Stockbridge

Photo: Monica Parpal Stockbridge

The World’s Greatest Art Comes to Aurora

By Monica Parpal Stockbridge 

Anyone who has toured the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City knows what an inspiring sight it is. In fact, more than five million tourists visit the Vatican Museums in Rome each year, many keen on seeing the renowned works by great Italian sculptor and painter, Michelangelo. The vibrant frescoes depict Biblical scenes, papal portraits and portrayals of heaven and earth suspended on the ceiling nearly 45 feet above the floor. For many, it’s a magical moment with some of the finest art ever created.

Of course, the experience isn’t all splendor and awe. After all, you’re sharing the holy space with hundreds of other tourists, all craning your necks to make out the distant masterpieces from several stories below while trying not to cross the armed guards sternly proclaiming, “No photo!” That is, of course, if you can even get away to Italy and see the spectacle in the first place. It’s a luxury indeed, and it may or may not be on your short list of #vacationgoals. 

Luckily, Stanley Marketplace in Denver is offering an alternative opportunity that requires only a short drive to the Aurora market hall. 

Photo: Monica Parpal Stockbridge

Photo: Monica Parpal Stockbridge

From now through Aug. 14, visitors can see Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel Exhibition in all its glory at The Hangar at Stanley. These nearly life-sized, high-resolution reproductions of Michelangelo’s world-famous ceiling frescoes comprise 34 jaw-dropping duplicates — including a 24-square-foot replica of The Last Judgement. Vertical hanging canvases give viewers a more comfortable and up-close look at the Italian Renaissance art, while a few pieces are playfully suspended from the ceiling to mimic the original neck-wrenching experience. The best part? There are comfortable cushioned seats throughout, and no photo restrictions.  

The exhibit is made possible by SEE Global Entertainment, a global source of immersive arts and entertainment experiences. President Martin Biallas oversees the globe-trotting exhibit, which toured Bogota, Colombia, before landing in Colorado. While the original Sistine Chapel art dates back to a time of intense religious power and wartime struggles throughout Europe, Biallas said that “this exhibit is for everyone.”  

To further enhance the experience, Stanley Marketplace has a lineup of creative events throughout July and August, including:

●     Holy Yoga in the Sistine Chapel from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. on July 27 and Aug. 3; $15

●     A Journey into Michelangelo’s Rome Lecture Series from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on July 23 and Aug. 6 and 13; $25 

●     Holy Opera! An interactive sonic experience from 7 to 9 p.m. on Aug. 9 and 10; $50

For more details and to purchase tickets, visit