Fiction Beer Co. Collaborates on New Limited Edition Hazy IPA

Photo: courtesy Fiction Beer Co.

Photo: courtesy Fiction Beer Co.

Electrum Bronze will be Available June 22 

By Emily Moyer

When Fiction Beer Co. (FBC) opened in 2014, they planned to blend craft beer and literature by creating new and exciting recipes that tell a story all their own.  

Now, FBC has written a new story with a collaboration beer dubbed Electrum Bronze. The hazy IPA is the result of a fresh brewing process and ingredients that result in a citrusy, full flavored summer beer. What makes the beer different is not just the process behind it, but the many like-minded thinkers who came together to collaborate on creating the ultimate summer haze.

 “Electrum Bronze will be unlike any other hazy we have brewed at Fiction before,” said Ryan Kilpatrick, founder and brewmaster at Fiction Beer Co. “Our grain bill was much more complex and our hopping schedule was much more aggressive.”

Being one of the first breweries in the state to introduce the hazy style IPA – a beer with less bitter, more citrusy flavor and a little bit of a hazy amber color - FBC grew passionate about bringing tropical aromas and bold, citrusy flavors to a mountainous region like Colorado. 

FBC won a bronze medal in the “Juicy or Hazy IPAs” category with its Madame Psychosis IPA at the 2018 Great American Beer Festival. That’s when Kilpatrick decided to collaborate with the other winning brewery teams to reimagine a new hazy style IPA. FBC teamed up with Tin Roof Brewing (gold medal) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Kings Brewing (silver medal) in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The collaboration was launched during the 2019 Craft Brewers conference, when recipe combinations and brewing processes were outlined for a new, limited-edition, hazy style IPA.

“Sitting down with these other breweries, we learned that our approaches to the style were all different,” Kilpatrick said. “The grains that we each liked to use, the ratio of those grains, and our hopping regimes were all unique. And we also used almost no bittering hops, which was entirely new for us (at FBC).” 

Electrum Bronze will feature roughly 40 percent base malts and 60 percent high-protein wheat, oats and other specialty malts, designed to give the beer a full mouthfeel, and strong ripe passionfruit, juicy mango, and bright tangerine citrus characters. With a low ABV of 4.8 percent, it’s a beer that anyone can enjoy this summer.

Electrum Bronze will be available in 16-ounce cans at Fiction, where you can always find a great book to read while enjoying a pint. The beer will also be released at select liquor stores in the Denver area starting June 22. 

Emily Moyer enjoys skiing, photography and all things outdoors. She will soon graduate from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a degree in convergent journalism with a focus in mass communications.