‘Tis the Season to Drink Like a German

Photo: AdobeStock/tiagozr

Photo: AdobeStock/tiagozr

Prost is Right at Home during Oktoberfest

By Kyle Kirves

What is it about Germany’s undeniable recognition as the Nation of Beer? A lot of people say the golden elixir dates from antiquity in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia or China. Certainly England and the rest of the U.K. have a rich brewing tradition, and don’t get me started on the Belgians – they’re in a category all their own. 

Still, the Deutschlanders have it over everybody when it comes to beer culture. Why is that? David DeLine, president of Denver- and Fort Collins-based Prost Brewing Co. has at least one answer. 

“A lot of lager styles, and German lagers in particular, are sessionable, drinkable, and meant to be consumed in large quantities over a long period of time with good friends,” DeLine says. Prost Brewing, with their dedication to brewing beers in the German tradition – and indeed, their clarion call to Drink Like a German – is one of the proud standard bearers of the German tradition in Colorado.  

Of German-style lagers, DeLine says, “They are beers that don’t sacrifice on flavor. They are cleaner, uncompromising beers. Big, bold, complex lagers across a wide spectrum for every palate. Who does that better than Germans and Germany?” 

DeLine cites the pilsner style as a great example of what a great German-style beer can be when done well. Prost’s own Pils ranks as one of his personal favorites. Uninitiated drinkers might scoff at pilsners of Milwaukee or St. Louis origin, but Prost’s Pils (and ones like them) are as different from macro-pilsners in your dad’s beer fridge as a Mercedes is from a Ford Pinto. 

Prost’s founders carry German lineage with them. The décor, design and intent of Prost’s two locations are straight out of Bavaria -- with a mountain states accent – as are the ingredients for their delicious, drinkable beers. “We ship all of our ingredients except the water over from Germany, and we are Reinheitsgebot compliant,” DeLine says, laughing. All of it translates to big, flavorful lager beers true to their Continental roots. 

Just like everybody’s a little Irish on St. Patricks’ Day, people find their inner German when they walk into a biergarten and order a hefeweizen. It’s even more apparent during this season, when Oktoberfest is in full swing and German-style beers pervade local Bavarian-style festivals, particularly Märzen lagers (pronounced Mare-zenn). Märzen, the malty, sweeter, cold-fermented beer that in its seminal form was stored and lagered in caves is the original Oktoberfest beer. In a tribute to its origins, Prost sits on their Märzen and taps it on the first day of Oktoberfest. And then … the party’s on. 

If you can’t make it to Germany during Oktoberfest – or even the local incarnations of Bavaria – this season, fret not. Prost will help you get your Munich on with their delicious lines of German-style beers and biergarten spirit. 

Ausgezeichnet, and pass the pretzels!


Find Prost Brewing at their two locations, at 2540 19th Street in Denver and 321 Old Firehouse Alley in Fort Collins. Check out prostbrewing.com.