Killing Zombies Just Got Easier


By Natasha Lovato

Enter a space where games like Fruit Ninja, Zombie Trainer and Elvin Assassin become a part of your world at Punch Bowl Social

In addition to eight bowling lanes, Bonzini, darts, ping-pong, two private karaoke rooms, a photo booth, shuffle board, giant scrabble, a custom-built 360-degree bar and a wide variety of lounging spots, Punch Bowl Social recently introduced its latest gaming experience with virtual reality (VR) parlors. Jodi Collier, director of marketing, was excited to bring a new avenue of the gaming experience to customers and extend their social setting.

“VR is known for putting you in your own world,” Collier said. “You could be in your own room on the internet, but this is bringing it into a social setting in the atmosphere of being able to see what your friends are doing. Watching, playing, laughing, food and drink are all a part of that experience. Seeing it physically now, it’s awesome.”


Visitors can enjoy craft cocktails and award-winning cuisine while participating and watching your friends tackle this next-generation, social VR gaming experience for all ages and gaming levels. Up to eight guests can rent out a VR parlor to play interactive games in a large group setting. Walk-ins are welcome in addition to corporate and planned social gatherings.  

Collier also noted Punch Bowl’s partnership with chef Hugh Acheson, who was a Top Chef judge and a James Beard award winner. 

Additionally, the entertainment venue, located at 65 Broadway in Denver, is working with a beverage group to feature local distilleries. “Every market we are in, we work with all local” people. “We want to work well with our community,” Collier said.

Similar to Punch Bowl Social’s private karaoke, the social VR experience has its own dedicated server and a dedicated tech support team in order to ensure a seamless and pleasant experience for each group. 

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