Westfax Pushes Forward with New Beer, Website

By Natasha Lovato


Westfax Brewing Co. wanted to introduce a new brew, blog and website. What better way to make a debut than with a party? This past weekend, guests enjoyed Torchy’s Tacos along with Westfax’s latest and greatest creation: the Brut IPA.

Featured on tap or in a specialty crowler designed by local artist Noelle Phares, the Brut IPA offered a specific taste of West Coast origins. Brewmaster Alex Stansbury and Founder Anthony Martuscello met with the crowd in Lakewood to describe their new drink.

“Notice it came out nice and clear, quite the contrary to your hazy IPAs,” Martuscello said. Stansbury particularly showcased the hops and explained the trick to the Brut IPA is an enzyme that works to reduce sugars so the yeast can come forward. The process gives the beer a hoppy, yet bubbly taste that hints at Champagne.

Westfax had more on the agenda than the release of the Brut IPA, however. A more user-friendly website and a YouTube video blog series were congruently introduced as the brewery continues to evolve digitally. Martuscello described the website as having enough information for people to know what they’re walking into as far as location, staff, beer and overall approach.

“I think having a video with a good website tells a good story,” he said.  “So, I think that’s a lot of the intention today is to become your resource, having stuff build that’s going to engage people on their smartphone, whether they come here or they just want the information.”

With about 60 percent of the patrons dropping in from the adjacent neighborhoods, Westfax is hoping to reach a larger audience of beer lovers. Marketing and operations manager Brian Haitz, described the event as a way to platform and launch their latest ideas. “We’re growing and inventing at the same time,” Haitz said.

At only two years old, the young brewery has much on the upcoming agenda. Westfax plans to keep 12 taps flowing with some seasonal flexibility, Stansbury said.  


“So, what’s next as far as specialties? Honestly, whatever comes to mind,” he said. “If the weather is hot, we’ll go light. If the weather is cool, we’ll go midrange. When it gets colder we’ll go dark because that’s what people want. We might jump on the trend train to try a pastry stout or we may go off the wall … we’re going to innovate; we’re going to try new things.”
For Martuscello, beer discrimination is not among the principles of Westfax. “Really, the core of what we do is, we make good beer, and that’s what we focus on. We don’t care what style,” he said.

Even though growth is part of the plan, he said, “At the end of the day we’re a neighborhood brewery, we’re not trying to take over the world.”

Well, “not today,” Stansbury joked.