The People Spoke and Big Choice Delivered

By Natasha Lovato

Photo courtesy of Big Choice Brewing 

Photo courtesy of Big Choice Brewing 

The Sonny and Cher of the beer and food world will make its appearance on the red carpet later this summer at Big Choice Brewing. With the addition of a pizza kitchen to the Brighton tasting room, Big Choice will roll out another iconic, dynamic duo: pizza and beer.
“We are constantly getting the question, ‘Do you offer food?’ Our customers want a one-stop shop for great beer and delicious eats, and that’s what we plan on giving them,” said co-owner Andrea Miller.

The pub-fare menu is expected to appeal to the whole family with artisan-style pizzas, salads, starters and desserts. Wines, gluten-reduced beers and ciders are all possibilities for the future as well.

After launching in 2012, Big Choice relocated from Broomfield to Brighton in 2017 in a space that was previously a Buddhist temple. The larger location made way for a new world of opportunities.
“We had to look at utilizing the space even more,” said co-owner Nathaniel Miller.

Although he focused on beer initially, Miller seized the opportunity of the larger space and his 20-plus years of food service experience to amplify the scene at Big Choice. “We will always be a brewery first that happens to serve pizza. Beer comes first, but we realized that people want both and now we will offer quality craft beer and artisan pizza.”

The setting will remain casual where guests will order at the bar, take a number and receive their pizza and drinks with minimal wait time. Guests will be able to watch the pizza-making process from start to finish from the upstairs bar, which will provide a view of the brick-fired pizza oven.
Contact Big Choice Brewing at 303-498-0150 or click here for more information.