Repel Through Ouray with Canyoning Colorado


By Mary Anderson

While many think of winter activities when they hear Ouray, the canyons of the beautiful southwestern destination offer more than just ice climbing. Those same waterfalls can be trekked, rappeled, jumped, swam, scrambled and slid down in the summer.

Launched in March 2016, Canyoning Colorado is an outdoor activity operator that solely focuses on what is called canyoning, or canyoneering. The epic adventure involves traveling down cascading waterfalls into the pools of water sitting at the bottom. With the highest concentration of water-filled canyons in the United States, Ouray is perfect for this extraordinary adventure.

“We get to see unique environments that no one else gets to see,” co-owner Mairi Humphreys says.

Prior to starting Canyoning Colorado owners Andrew and Mairi Humphreys traveled the world and its many canyons. Andrew, an adventurer since a young age, began his canyoning career in 2009. He became the Operations Managers for the biggest canyoning operation in New Zealand. He is now the head training master of the International Canyoning Organization of Professionals, while also managing a consulting service that helps outdoor companies with safety operations plans. Additionally, he writes articles and blog posts for Canyon Magazine. Both Andrew and Mairi have been canyoning in Costa Rica, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand and the throughout the U.S.


Despite the sport’s extreme factor, the beginner canyons require no experience and is suitable for families, friends, couples, children and groups.

Tours run daily during the summer months. Children must be 12 years old to participate, or age 10 in some cases after July 5. Canyoning Colorado provides shoes, neoprene socks and a wet suit along with all of the safety equipment. All you need is a swim suit, towel and athletic shorts. Beginner canyoning trips start at $89 for one adult.

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