Avery Hires San Diego Artist for New Designs


Just in time for its 25th anniversary, Boulder-based Avery Brewing Co. has released new artwork on its products.

Although Avery went through a minor refresh in 2009, most branding hasn't changed since the brewer opened in the 1993 - a testament to Avery’s long-lasting legacy. 

For its new artwork, Avery searched for a one-of-a-kind artist with a modern and fresh style that would be able to honor the heritage of past designs. Adam Avery, founder and CEO of Avery Brewing, enjoys visiting San Diego and has a friendship with San Diego-based artist, Neil Shigley. 

“Our goal was to stay true to the artistry that each beer represents while also building a beacon of light in a sea of choices," Avery said.  "We are driven to create inspiring beer experiences and the new artwork reflects the focus of our craft.”

The new Shigley art will debut with one of Avery’s flagships, White Rascal, in June 2018. While Avery is jazzed about the new artwork, beer recipes won’t change, and consumers can expect the same quality libations they have come to expect from the company that launched in 1993 in a Boulder garage.

“A project like this is rare,” says Shigley. “Great people, cool art direction, and a focus on great beer! I told Adam I would have done this project for free. They brought me to the brewery early on and I was blown away by how everyone was so passionate about the beer they were making, starting with the top, Adam. I'm lucky to be part of this great family.”

Last November, Avery sold 30 percent of its company to Mahou San Miguel, a 127-year-old brewery based in Madrid, Spain. The Spanish brewer has a large international portfolio and is expected to help Avery move its beer to broader markets.

-          Dylan Hochstedler