Care for Some Marijuana in Your Beer?


THC-Infused Brew Hits Dispensaries in Mid-December

The Thirst Team

It was only a matter of time before consumers would be able to drink a craft beer to get high.

Former Blue Moon brewmaster Keith Villa teamed with his wife Jodi Villa to create a beer at Ceria Brewing Co. that has no alcohol, just THC, which will be sold in dispensaries rather than liquor stores. Villa will brew and remove the alcohol from the Ceria Grainwave Belgian-Style White Ale. It will then be shipped to a Denver facility, where the THC will be added based on the Colorado Retail Marijuana Code.

"By infusing a great tasting craft beer with THC, we'll empower all adults over age 21 to tap into the magic of cannabis through this new spin on a Belgian classic," Keith Villa said in a press report. 

Ceria’s first offering was tagged with the slogan Cannabis pro Omnibus (Cannabis for All), Villa said, adding that the new beverage might “shake up an entire industry or create another segment entirely.”

Villa earned a doctorate in brewing science and spent 32 years with MillerCoors before retiring last January. While there, he helped create Blue Moon Brewing Co. and was head brewmaster. 

CERIA'S Keith and Jodi Villa. Photo: Michael Allen

CERIA'S Keith and Jodi Villa. Photo: Michael Allen

Cases of the new beer will be on shelves by the end of the year and will cost about $9 for a 10-ounce bottle. The Villas are also planning an American light lager and an IPA, which could hit the shelves in early 2019. 

"For those who desire the sensations of marijuana, cannabis de-alcoholized craft beer represents a more socially acceptable way to consume THC, certainly more socially acceptable than smoking a joint, or consuming a sugary edible,” Villa said. “The THC-infused non-alcoholic craft beer consumer can join the party without feeling ostracized. Besides, it's a lot more refreshing." 

New Belgium Brewing Co. released a beer named The Hemperor made with hemp and hops, but it did not contain THC, the active ingredient in marijuana that gives a person a buzz. Dad & Dudes Breweria in Aurora also brewed a similar beer, General Washington’s Secret Stash.

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