Peter Piper Picked a WildSage Pickle

Crooked Stave and The Real Dill team up

By Mary Anderson 

It’s not uncommon to see food recipes that call for beer. From brats to cheese, Coloradans love their beer. But now, The Real Dill, a Denver-based pickle company, is taking the concept to the next level with their “Briners & Brewers” series. 

The collaboration involves partnering with local breweries to create a pickle recipe inspired by one of the brewery’s beers.

“We are both big beer lovers and wanted to find a unique way to celebrate all of the great beer made locally and collaborate with producers we admire,” Tyler DuBois, co-founder of The Real Dill said.

This collaboration is more than simply adding beer to brine, the salty solution used in the pickling process. According to The Real Dill, the raw ingredients used create the flavor profile of beer can also creatively bring out certain flavors in a pickle. Take milled barley, for example, which can be used to sweeten the brine while hops add depth and bitterness. 

The collaboration series, which began with Great Divide Brewing Company and then Odell Brewing Company moves to the Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project this month. Inspired by Crooked Stave’s Colorado WildSage Brett Saison, the brine was aged on oak, dry-hopped and infused with locally-sourced lemongrass and sage.

“Being able to work with another artisan company and create something that showcases both brands is the best part about our industries,” Chad Yakobson, owner of Crooked Stave said. “We both have strong passions to create the best product possible, which is highlighted in this fun pickle.” 

Whether you’re a pickle-lover or just interested in how the two industries can relate, the pickle series will be available for a limited time starting in early September at The Real Dill’s online shop, Crooked Stave’s Taprooms and select liquor stores. If you’re lucky, you could get one of the 1,000 jars with a removable limited edition wood sticker.  

For those even more interested, the collaboration will launch at the Briners & Brewers: Colorado WildSage Pickle Release Party taking place at the Crooked Stave Taproom on Thursday August 31 at 5 p.m.