Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project to open on Santa Fe

The proprietors at Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project began to slowly open the garage door this week in the Art District on Santa Fe, inviting everyone from contractors and industry peers to the media to sample their unusual lineup of brews.

With a traveling theme, the space on 8th Avenue between Santa Fe and Kalamath Streeet is inviting like a cafe in Istanbul (see their Turkish inspired Foreign Export Stout) or like a quaint Belgian brewhouse (see Intrepid's Lavender Tripel). Retro suitcases adorn one wall, while the bar is covered in USGA maps of the western United States. A strong sense of wander-lust catches ahold after a brew or two. 

Founder and brewer Andrew Moore said he was excited to get the doors open in the Art District and extend the lineup of beers to the public. He and Ben Gettinger rounded up much of the funds to open the operation in a former laundromat that was nearly 2,400 square feet.  A Kickstarter campaign was also used to get things moving. Moore most recently worked at 105 West Brewing in Castle Rock and Boulder Beer Co. The brewery also features an experienced staff that has gained experience in Colorado breweries and bars.

Among its list of 13 opening-day beers are the Lavender Tripel, registering 8.7% ABV and 32IBU; Garlic Amber, which has a pleasant, not-quite-subtle garlic zing and registers 5.4% ABV and 39 IBU; Grätzer, a traditional beer that originated in Poland, this smoke heavy brew finishes fairly smooth and registers at 5.1% and 21 IBU; Basil IPA, which features a delicate balance of hops, malt and basil, and comes in at 7.1% ABV and 64 IBU; And the Chamomile Hefe-Wit, which includes chamomile, sweet orange peel and coriander. It’s 6% and 20 IBU.

The crew plans a soft-opening on Friday, May 19 and will follow that up with 11 AM - 11 PM hours every day of the week. Crowlers and growlers will also be available. At least a dozen more brews are on the “coming soon” list as the ambitious gang ramps up.