Brewers’ Favorites


Hogshead Chin Wag_Clp.jpg

Chin Wag ESB, 5.8% ABV, Hogshead Brewery

I am a fan of cask-conditioned beer, and I wish I had more room at Lariat Lodge to do more of that. So, when I need a fix, I head to Hogshead and have a Chin Wag ESB. It’s sessionable, super well balanced and delicious. I love to try whatever they have going on, but Chin Wag is a go-to. I finally made the pilgrimage to England last year, and aside from a pint of lager before a football match, I drank nothing but cask. Heaven! Hogshead fills the void at home.

Eric Rode, Brewmaster/Co-Owner, 
Lariat Lodge Brewing Co. & Gastropub

Horse _ Dragon Sad Panda_Clp.jpg


Sad Panda, 6.8% ABV, Horse & Dragon Brewing Co. 

If I was to recommend a beer from another Colorado Brewery, I would say try Sad Panda from Horse & Dragon. This stout has it all: creamy mouth feel, full body, and just the right amount of sweetness. You get coffee on the nose, with hints of caramel throughout. They really did it right when making this beer! 

Zach Weakland, Head Brewer, 
High Hops Brewery


Odell IPA_Clp.jpg

IPA, 7% ABV, Odell Brewing Co. 

Full disclosure, I’m pretty much in love with lager beer; some might even say a craft lager snob. So, of course, I’m going to pick a lager beer, right? Nope! I just love that easy drinking Odell IPA. It’s consistently my “safe room” IPA when away from my brewery. I dig that hop profile; juicy with notes of pine and citrus. Always clear, never harsh, the balance between malt backbone and hop bitterness is spot on for me. 

Kirk Lombardi, Brewer/Manager, 
Zwei Brewing Co.

Intrepid Turkish Coffee2_Clp.jpg

Turkish Coffee Stout, 7% ABV, Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project

As a brewer, I’m always looking for something to shift my beer paradigm, giving me a fresh take on the world of possibilities for great beer. Because I brew high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the thought of Turkish coffee in a 7% ABV stout on a cold brew day warms the belly. I like it because I haven’t had anything like it. Hops are balanced by the flavors and aroma of Turkish coffee. New like us, these guys opened their doors six days before we did this year.

Jon Strother, Head Brewer, 
Guanella Pass Brewing Co.


Elevation Pils_Clp.jpg

Elevation Pilsner, 5% ABV, Elevation Beer Co. 

I tend to get burned out on extreme, hoppy and fruity beers from time to time. It’s nice to slow it down and take it back to basics. That’s why my personal favorite is Elevation Brewing’s Elevation Pilsner. Even with the recent resurgence of pilsners in Colorado, Elevation Pilsner stands alone due to its very traditional bread and biscuit malt profile that is subtly overshadowed by an extremely floral dry hop, which helps it to walk a unique and memorable balance that I just can’t get enough of.

Shaun Salyards, Lead Brewer, 
Snowbank Brewing Co. 


4 Noses Proboscis_Clp.jpg

Proboscis Simcoe APA, 5.8% ABV, 4 Noses Brewing Co. 

Whenever I spot Proboscis Simcoe APA from 4 Noses Brewing on the shelves, I’m sure to grab myself a couple six-packs. After pouring it into the glass, I am immediately hit with a burst of tropical fruit, pine, and grapefruit from this 100% Simcoe pale ale. The light, bready malt backbone is complemented by a smooth and balanced bitterness. This beer truly showcases the diversity and unique complexity of Simcoe hops in a wonderful way. To be enjoyed anywhere, in any season.

Reilly Reid, Brewer, 
Intersect Brewing Co.