For Kyle Hollingsworth, Brewing & Jamming are one and the same

Outdoor concerts? Colorado’s got ‘em. Amazing local music scene? Check, got that too. Out-of-this-world craft beers? Absolutely. So when String Cheese Incident’s Kyle Hollingsworth had the idea of combining his love of home brewing with his passion for music, it was an undeniable recipe for success – and charity. The resulting Kyle’s Brew Fests support Conscious Alliance, a Boulder anti-hunger program that sponsors food drives. 



As Hollingsworth gears up for the next Kyle’s Brew Fest on July 14, he said he’s excited to see the event so well received by Coloradans. 

“You know, it works. And it’s been really cool to see so many people coming out to support this thing that is, at its core, classic Colorado. If I can get people out there to get introduced to some really great beer, have a good time, and support a cause, I’m proud of that,” Hollingsworth said. 

Though he’s best known for his music and as a member of String Cheese Incident, a Colorado local music staple, Hollingsworth said his passion for good beer is almost unmatched. He’s been home-brewing since he was 18, and frequently does collaborations with big brewers all over the nation. 

For Hollingsworth, creativity in music and creativity in the brewing process are one and the same. 

“You know, I’ve said this before, but the attraction to brewing is all about the creativity and the latitude you have with it. You can really get crazy and try different things. It’s a lot like the creativity I have in my music, they’re very similar that way,” he said. 

Conscious Alliance executive director Justin Levy said the partnership has been a perfect fit over the years. 

“It kind of all started in 2002 when we did a food drive with String Cheese Incident and evolved from there. We’ve been working with SCI and Kyle for over a decade, so Kyle’s Brew Fests just kind of clicked into place,” Levy said. 

Levy said he’s been most impressed with how the events connect fans with wonderful music and fit in so naturally with Colorado’s beer scene. 

“In the past we’ve invited up to 30 breweries and had 60 beers available for people to try, so it’s a great opportunity to connect in that way. The event itself has continued to grow, and the crowds keep growing, too, so we’re excited to see what comes next,” Levy said.

Hollingsworth said it’s been a privilege to work with Conscious Alliance and use Kyle’s Brew Fests as a platform to raise awareness of hunger in the area, and he looks forward to continuing to bring high-quality beer and a good cause to the community. 

“The music part of it is really cool, but it’s secondary to me for this. When someone comes up to me at the Brew Fests and says they were inspired to start a career in brewing said. I’m just so excited about that” Hollingsworth said, “So to be able to bring that to people in a way that also supports Conscious Alliance, which is a cause I really care about, it’s awesome.”  


By Torie Jochims.

Torie is an over-caffeinated wordsmith who is passionate about people, hiking, mountain climbing, running, makeup, craft beer and good desserts.