Weekly Spotlight: Avery Brewing

Avery pushed limits of Colorado palates from the beginning

By Dylan Hochstedler

Avery Brewing Company busted out of the gate making waves and the Boulder brewer never looked back.

Launching in 1993, Avery was one of the pioneers of Colorado’s craft beer scene. At first, consumers were apprehensive when it came to the new tastes that Avery introduced to the market place. In 1996, Avery was among the first breweries in Colorado to offer an IPA. Many of the deliveries were returned because the beer tasted too bitter, according to Vanessa Cory, marketing communication manager.

Today, Avery’s IPA is a local favorite that continues to flow through their taps and fly off the shelves of liquor stores throughout the nation. 

Adam Avery owns the brewery, along with his dad, Larry Avery.

Avery’s first beers were produced in a garage off an alley in Boulder. 

After 22 years, they moved out of “Avery Alley’” and built a world-class brewing compound in Boulder - a $30 million investment that has created numerous opportunities for the expanding business. The move to the new space meant production increased from roughly 45,000 barrels per year to upwards of 70,000 - and there is room for additional growth.

The great expansion included a restaurant, dog-friendly patio and gift shop. Customers can tipple the same award-winning beers they are used to, and experience chef-inspired meals that pair spectacularly with their brews.

Photo - Avery Brewing

Photo - Avery Brewing

Still pushing the limits in the brewhouse, they began experimenting with barrel aging in 2003 and the results are sought out by barrel-aged fanatics throughout Colorado. Many of the big beers post ABVs of two touchdowns and a field goal. Avery also is dedicated to making the leap into complex and wild beers, as well as ramping up its barrel-aging program in order to distribute nationally. 

The brewery hosts four festivals every year: Strong Ale Fest; Sour Fest; 4K on the Fourth; and an anniversary party. Find out more at averybrewing.com.