FCB Releases Limited Edition Rum Barrel-Aged Imperial Chocolate Stout

Courtesy of FCB


On Tuesday, December 6th Fort Collins Brewery (FCB) will release on draft at the Modern Tavern, Rum Barrel-Aged Imperial Chocolate Stout, the fourth limited edition brew from FCB’s signature Savor Series line. The small batch creation will also be available on draft and in 16oz cans throughout FCB’s distribution footprint, beginning later in the week. 

     At 10.5% ABV, the Rum Barrel-Aged Imperial Chocolate Stout is a real mammoth of a beer. This stout was brewed with cacao nibs and husks, two types of chocolate, vanilla, and Cholaca, before hibernating for months in rum barrels. “This has been easily one of my most anticipated beer releases of 2016 for us,” said FCB Brewer Taylor Krantz. “I have had to wait quite a while to get to try the finished product,since we brewed it all the way back in June. It will be the perfect release for December (even better when we get some snow).” 

     “You better hold on tight for this sipping beer because the 10.5% ABV and rum barrel characteristics show up on the palate, displaying many different sides with each sip.” You’ll find notes of rum, molasses, chocolate, coffee, and nutty flavors all wrapped into a body that is velvety from the can conditioning along with pleasant oil content from the Cholaca. “It is definitely a beer that will take you for a ride, and I am excited to be drinking this winter (and beyond),” Krantz adds.

     While most beers are best enjoyed fresh, the Savor Series is a line where vertical tasting and cellaring is encouraged. In order to extend the shelf life of the Rum Barrel-Aged Imperial Chocolate Stout, the beer will be can conditioned in a temperature controlled facility allowing for flavor characteristics to evolve and take shape. “During this process, a secondary fermentation will take place in which yeast will consume any oxygen carried over from the packaging process,” said FCB Brand Ambassador Josh Hall. “The final product will be a virtually oxygen-free, naturally carbonated beer that will cellar exceptionally well.”

     FCB’s Rum Barrel-Aged Imperial Chocolate Stout will be available on draft at the Modern Tavern this Tuesday. Eager fans will find this adventurous beer in participating restaurants, bars and liquor stores in the following weeks.