Ash Bernal - Copper Club Brewing Co. 

Ash Bernal’s family has lived in Fruita for six generations and it seems she has no plans of relocating any time soon. 

After living in both California and Spain, Bernal has always returned to her roots and she is excited to have a home on her family’s 92-year-old farm. She previously worked as a park ranger in Colorado National Monument and was a regular at Copper Club Brewing Co., where she was among the first to learn they were in search of an extra taptender. 

Bernal worked both jobs for a while, but as business picked up at Copper Club, she left her park ranger job so that she could spend more time in what she calls Fruita’s living room. “Our team is small and feels more like a family,” she said. Copper Club Brewing Co. is a place where everyone feels at home and newcomers are always welcome, Bernal explained.