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Libations & Beyond

Coloradans are passionate about their lifestyles

Whether it is hiking a fourteener, running a 5K, enjoying a concert, four- wheeling rugged mountain trails, shing gold-medal streams or conquering knee-deep powder in the back bowls, Coloradans are always pushing
their boundaries. This is evident in our engagement with the ever-growing Colorado craft scene.

Thirst Colorado Magazine and website spotlights that connection, delivering a focused audience seeking high-quality products such as yours.

The state reports 90 percent of Coloradans participate in some form of outdoor recreation, and 66 percent of those do so at least once a week!

We’ve also learned that nearly 80 percent of our readers have earned at least a bachelor’s degree. These active, educated craft enthusiasts thrive on everything the state has to offer.

We are connecting these Coloradans with businesses like yours in every issue of the magazine. Let’s talk soon about how Thirst Colorado can place your message in front of these targeted consumers. 

- Paul Johnson, Publisher Thirst Colorado

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Thirst Colorado Editorial Is...

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Unique feature articles showcase everything that makes Colorado’s craft culture tick. From little-known mountain getaways to the best new beer-centric bistro on the Front Range, we aim to cover the Colorado beat.


We highlight the creative spirit in Colorado with reoccurring departments. Some of our departments include......

  • The Art of Brewing - Exploring the can & bottle art
  • Characters of the Craft - Meet people driving the scene
  • Prime Pairings - Great food & great drinks
  • Brewers’ Favorites - Learn what beers the experts enjoy
  • Elevated Liquid - Cocktails and local spirits
  • Strange Brew - There’s more than hops and barley in these beers
  • Charitably Crafted - Beverage makers that give back
  • Craft Directory - Complete list of breweries, distilleries & cideries

Calendar of Events

Our calendars online and in the magazine connect readers to the booming festival, event and music scenes in Colorado.

Get your release party, festival or any other event you have planned into our calendars for increased exposure to your business! Visit to submit your event or contact the Thirst Colorado team. 



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Breweries, Distilleries & Cideries

In a crowded marketplace, we deliver your message to a targeted market of craft consumers who want to know more about your retail goods, brewery, pub, tasting room, distillery or cidery.

The good news is we are a craft-loving state. What is even more telling is that Colorado has the third highest density of breweries in the country and is increasing the number of distilleries and cideries as well. While craft beer continues to grow, experts also predict craft spirits will grow from two percent of the U.S. market to 12 percent during the next decade.

  • Over 80 percent of our readers attend special events at breweries, distilleries, cideries & restaurants.
    – Thirst Colorado

  • Coloradans consume the most pints of beer annually on a national average at over 44 pints.
    – Brewers Association

  • Discovery of new beers is popular with 93 percent of imported beer drinkers and 84 percent of craft beer consumers.
    – From

  • More than half of the business for craft distillers is derived from visits to a tasting room.
    – American Craft Spirits Assoc. 


In our reader survey, cooking with beer, along with food and beer/cocktail pairings were among the top interests to readers, highlighting the crossover between craft food and libations.

The Colorado Restaurant Association reports that disposable income and population are growing at a faster rate in Colorado than national averages.

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  • 61% of craft beer drinkers often pair with food.
    – Brewers Association
  • 60% of readers consider themselves foodies.
    – Thirst Colorado
  • Colorado has 11,247 eating and drinking locales.
    – National Restaurant Assoc. 

Outdoor Activities

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The Colorado craft scene overlaps the outdoor scene more and more each day. From sustainable initiatives to employee bonding trips, the craft industry has become a staple in Colorado because of the recreation possibilities across the state.

Case in point: breweries and cideries have been quickly switching from traditional bottling to canning their products, enabling consumers to take their products into the high country in a more environmentally friendly way.

  • 93% of our readers participate in outdoor activities.
    – Thirst Colorado
  • Over 55% take day trips 1-3 times a month and at least 10% go once a week.
    – Thirst Colorado 
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75,000 readers per issue
Thirst Colorado can be found across the state of Colorado with a large presence along the Front Range.




• Free Distribution
• Delivery to every Colorado brewery and distillery, plus a growing number of devoted Thirst Colorado followers.
• Distributed at craft beer, spirit and music festivals throughout the year including:

  • Great American Beer Fest
  • Burning Can Festival
  • Breckenridge Spirits Festival
  • Colorado Events and Festivals Art & Music Series
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Advertising Opportunities...

Thirst provides a comprehensive marketing mix to an engaged and targeted audience.

Thirst Colorado Magazine

We offer an effective and targeted avenue delivered to craft and outdoor enthusiasts across Colorado. Read by highly motivated and interested readers, Thirst delivers your audience in an engaging fashion. 

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Digital Advertising Opportunities...

We are the online source for Colorado craft news with up-to-date information for readers on the go or at home, on any device.

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Thirst Colorado Newsletter

Our Weekly Newsletter to subscribers and industry professionals features the most recent craft news and publication highlights. Coloradans want the latest scoop on festivals, news and press releases from their favorite brewery, distillery and venue. Get your message to these opt-in enthusiasts.

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