Celebrate with These South-of-the-Border Inspired Beers

You can’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo without a good Mexican-inspired beer. You could reach for a big-name beer to start off your weekend but Colorado craft breweries have you covered. Check out the following brews to change up your beer lineup for this weekend. No matter what kind of food your weekend holds, these in-state beers are sure to quench your thirst.

Epic Brewing-Los Locos. While eating at a Mexican restaurant, the brewers from Epic had the inspiration to brew a Mexican lager that took a light and easy drinking style to the next level. They did this by brewing with corn, lime juice and a hint of salt. Los Locos is available for purchase in canned six packs, perfect for pairing with a zesty guacamole this Cinco de Mayo.

Avery Brewing-El Gose. Yes, gose's are a German-style sour ale, but Avery spins this crowd favorite in a more tropical direction. Brewed with lime and sea salt to showcase the Mexican-style inspiration, the zesty and salty flavor is brightened by the citrusy lime twist. El Gose can be purchased in six packs.

Ska Brewing-Mexican Logger. This beer, designed for summer lovers, is the perfect thirst quencher after a day spent in the sunshine. The sweet, malty flavor bursts on the taste buds and finishes clean and crisp.

Oskar Blues-Beerito. The light, Mexican lager packs a lot of flavor for a 4 percent ABV. It is brewed with German and Colorado hops and holds flavors of walnut, plum, honey, toasted bread and cocoa.

Cheluna Brewing-Coco-Xoco Porter. A medium-bodied porter is the result of a companionship between Cheluna and Miette et Chocolat. Miette et Chocolat sourced 30 pounds of coconut to go into this brew! It carried flavors of cacao, vanilla and of course coconut. Jump outside your box!

Boulder Beer-Hola Maria. The golden, Mexican ale has a bright and refreshing flavor. It was brewed with mixed malted wheat, which gives it the soft mouth-feel as you drink it. It is available for purchase in six-pack cans.

Three Barrel Brewing-Chimayo. While Three Barrel's Chimayo is more design oriented when it comes to its southwest flavor, this intense sour ale is a good fire-starter to a rowdy Cinco celebration. The flavor profile is heavily influenced by medium toasted oak barrels and a house brettanomyces mix.

Post Brewing-Top Rope Mexican Style Lager. At first taste, this brew contains a crisp malt flavor while having a hoppy aroma. It is a refreshing brew to quench your thirst after a great spicy green chili at your favorite local restaurant. The can art features a luchadores mask that would make Jack Black proud. NACHOOO....

Lone Tree Brewing-Mexican Lager. This brew comes to life by utilizing a large batch of flaked corn. The slightly sweet flavor finishes clean and crisp. It pairs well with volleyball in the park or a quick reprieve from the dusty trail. Sit down for a pint or, grab a six pack of cans.

- Compiled by Ranay Janssen