Bruz to unleash the Brut

By Jamie Mills

Bruz Beers, a Belgian-style brewery in northeast Denver, has worked hard to bring unique beers to the fore.

Friends Charlie Gottenkieny and Ryan Evans made it their goal to bring true Belgian-style beers to Colorado because of their love for the incredible beer produced in Belgium and the European culture. Even though they are relatively new to the brewery scene, Charlie is a veteran brewer with more than 29 years of practice under his belt.

They have crafted many different types of Belgians from Witbiers to Belgian stouts. Now they have created something that could lay to rest the old Miller High Life slogan: "The Champagne of Beers." Bruz will release Brut La Grande, or champagne beer, on Feb. 4. This Belgian-style Bière Brut is the perfect combination of champagne and beer in one. 

"Our passion for high quality, unique Belgian beer experiences led us to this undertaking. We are proud to be able to offer this unique style to the public, and especially to our Colorado supporters,” according to Evans.

The look of the beer resembles that of champagne with its pale color, but combines that of a beer with its dense creamy head that leaves layers of "Belgian lace" on the glass. Its taste is light and silky to the palette, it has a creamy carbonation to it, and a spicy, bone dry finish. The ABV weighs in at 12.1% also resemblant to that of Champagne.

This Bière Brut gives off smells of apricots and flavors of apples, peaches, and vanilla. Bruz beers is the first brewery in Colorado, and one of about 50 breweries in the U.S. to introduce a beer of this kind. 

Evans also believes that Bière Bruts are special and a rare treasure if you can find one, making it even more desirable. The work that goes into producing a batch is extensive. It takes around six months for the batch to mature, while adding three different strains of yeast over the course of the process. 

Bruz serves the Brut La Grande in a champagne flute with a slice of Belgian chocolate to complement the flavor. 

Don’t wait too long to grab one because it will only be available while supplies last.