Holidaily Claims State’s First Gluten-Free Brewery

Karen Hertz was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in December 2008. After an extensive struggle, she was declared cancer free in 2010, but was required to switch to a gluten-free diet. Hertz has always been a beer enthusiast and finding a gluten-free beer she enjoyed was a huge challenge. However, with a degree in entrepreneurial studies and more than 10 years of sales and distribution experience at Coors, Hertz seized the opportunity to create Colorado’s first exclusively gluten-free brewery: Holidaily Brewing Co. 

The gluten-free brewing process is very non-traditional. Hertz points out that the main difference is the presence of grains and the absence of barley. During the learning process, Hertz spent time at New Belgium learning how to create a custom system that would accommodate the grains, which are smaller than barley. 

After she had perfected the gluten-free style, Hertz brought on Wayne Burns as the head brewer at Holidaily. Burns has more than 20 years of traditional brewing experience, and has won several awards at the Great American Beer Fest and the World Beer Cup while working for other breweries. Hertz and Burns have worked together in order to create four flagship beers: Favorite Blonde Ale, crisp and refreshing with lemon-citrus hop aroma,5% ABV; Fat Randy’s IPA, West Coast IPA style with tropical fruit and dank citrus aromas, 7% ABV; Riva Stout, export stout style with dark chocolate and coffee aromas and flavors, 6.75% ABV; and BuckWit Belgian, Belgian wheat beer style with coriander spices and orange peel citrus flavors, 4.75% ABV.

Hertz recognizes that being gluten-free can be a major setback, and it is often not the most enjoyable experience. Because of this, she has created a welcoming brewery that promotes happiness and well-being. Stop by Holidaily Brewing Co., where every day is a holiday. 

Owner/Chief Brewista: Karen Hertz

Head brewer: Wayne Burns

Holidailybrewing.com   | 303-278-2337
801 Brickyard Cir., Golden