John Giarratano - Inland Island Yeast Laboratories

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Although John Giarratano’s interest in craft beer didn’t start until he turned 30, he has been involved in beer’s most active ingredient since his early 20s. 

Before co-founding Inland Island Yeast Laboratories in 2014, Giarratano worked in a yeast lab for both a pharmaceutical company in San Diego and a biofuel company in Littleton. 

“I started homebrewing and I was like ‘this is exactly what I do at work all day long,’” Giarratano said. “Homebrewing was actually easy to pick up for me because I was so familiar with yeast fermentation through my job.”

Giarratano always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. When he met Matthew Peetz while working at the biofuel company, they decided to start Inland Island Yeast Laboratories together. 

Inland Island now provides yeast for more than 80 breweries, plus a multitude of homebrew shops throughout the Denver area. 

Giarratano speaks at craft beer festivals and conferences about yeast fermentation, and is even willing to make a visit to his brewing clients and provide advice about proper fermentation. 

“Yeast dictates how the beer is going to taste, and brewers are always curious and asking questions,” he says.