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Beer Here! Exhibit at History Colorado Center

About the Beer Here! Exhibit

Beer Here! will feature authentic artifacts from Colorado’s beer and brewing history, connecting time periods. Some of the most compelling objects include the following:


·         A Denver brewer’s union card from 1888, written entirely in German, because that is who was making beer at the time;

·         Adolph Coors’ original hand-drawn sketch of his first beer label, on loan from the Coors archive;

·         A massive wooden bottle smasher used by the Denver Police Department during Prohibition;

·         Beer-brewing equipment from then to now;

·         The nation’s first recyclable aluminum beer cans, pioneered by Coors;

·         The flyer for the very first Great American Beer Festival in 1982;

·         Some of New Belgium’s original brewing equipment; and

·         Other artifacts from Colorado’s hoppy history.


In five sections, the exhibit explores topics such as 1) where immigrants planted mining towns during the Gold Rush; 2) how Colorado became the industrial hub of the Rocky Mountain West; 3) why the state went dry four years before national Prohibition; 4) what Coors Brewing Company and Ball Corporation contributed to Colorado’s economy and culture; and 5) when the connection grew between the rising outdoor recreation and brewing industries. 


Also, museum visitors will be able to see and smell the ingredients Coors uses to make its beer, inside the exhibit and outside in the “beer ingredient garden.”  Since beer is not allowed inside the gallery, in order to protect some rare and important artifacts, the museum’s café will feature a flight of four beers that represent different time periods. Tasting notes and additional historical information about the beers will come with the flight.