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Queen of Conspiracy

 Come Play in the Alley for this World Premiere! Miners Alley Playhouse has commissioned award-winning playwright Josh Hartwell to write the compelling, untold, and true story of Mae Brussel, considered to be America’s first mainstream conspiracy theorist during the 1960s and 1970s. The one-time Queen of Conspiracy attracted an audience of thousands. Her radio shows analyzed public government records to link the JFK and RFK assassinations with the Watergate scandal. Loyal fans and celebrities looking to make sense of an increasingly complex, crazy world were hungry for Brussell's version of the truth. Told with the humor and wit Josh Hartwell's new drama, set in present-day Denver, imagines the family who inherits Brussells legacy. The play also explores what is a conspiracy and the difference between today's conspiracy theories and those of the past....

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