Upslope Brewing Co.

The original business plan for Upslope Brewing Company was written in 1996, when Matt Cutter wrote the plan for a brewery as an assignment for an entrepreneurial class he was enrolled in at Front Range Community College.  Nearly 11 years later, and after Cutter had gained valuable project management experience, he fine tuned his business plan and took out a second mortgage on his house. He used this mortgage to sign a one-year lease on a 2,200-square-foot building in Boulder County during April 2008. Fast forward nearly seven months, and Upslope officially opened for business in November 2008. 

Cutter moved to Boulder in 1991. He had never experienced the hectic 14-inch snowstorms that Boulder County receives from the upslope winds. Over his first few years in the area, “upslope” came to mean excitement, chaos and something that was very local to Colorado’s Front Range. That is why he appropriately decided to call his brewery Upslope Brewing. 

According to Cutter, Upslope is, “all about easy drinking beer for the active outdoor enthusiasts.” That is why he decided to team up with Trout Unlimited- an organization that conserves, protects and restores America’s cold-water fisheries. 

In 2013, the brewing company was ranked No. 5 on the list of fastest growing Boulder companies, according to the Boulder County Business Report. However, even with growing popularity and successful business growth, Cutter is cautious not to grow the brewery too fast, and that is why they currently only distribute in seven states in and around the Rocky Mountain region. 


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Address and Contact Info

1898 South Flatiron Court
Boulder, Colorado 80301
Tele: (303) 396-1898
Live Music: Yes (calendar)
Food: Food Truck (schedule)