CSU awarded 2018 Brewers Association Research Grant

  Photo provided by CSU fermentation science program

Photo provided by CSU fermentation science program

The Brewers Association announced the 17 recipients of the 2018 Research and Service Grants Program, which included the Heuberger laboratory at Colorado State University. In total, the Brewers Association awarded more than $432,000 to “further the development of a healthy and sustainable raw materials supply chain,” according to a BA press release.

According to the BA, CSU’s Heuberger laboratory research is focused on the efficiency and cost-effective approach of the hot steep (HS) method, which facilitates the measurement of malt flavors in different varieties. The report also stated CSU’s Heuberger laboratory uses a technique known as metabolomics, a comprehensive chemical profiling method that can measure what chemicals (and how much) are in each sample. The Heuberger laboratory will perform metabolomics of 10 malt samples that undergo the HS method.

The HS method was recently established among the brewing industry to provide a more affordable way to measure malt flavor and reduce incubation times. The method is still under development, as brewers and researchers attempt to quantify and evaluate different flavor profiles.

The President and CEO of the BA, John Pease, stated, “The Brewers Association is proud to fund beer research and service grants in support of BA member breweries. Supporting research that aligns with member priorities ensures a sustainable and profitable future for small and independent breweries.”

Based in Boulder, the Brewers Association, a not-for-profit trade association, is dedicated to small and independent American brewers, the beer they produce, and the community. More information on the grant program and local breweries can be found at BrewersAssociation.org.

-          Dieter Vega-Lazaro