Gasoline Lollipops Last Gig at Waterloo Will be Tuesday, July 18

 Photo Courtesy of Gasoline Lollipops

Photo Courtesy of Gasoline Lollipops

After years of weekly showcases at a local venue in Louisville, alternative country band Gasoline Lollipops is ready to make the leap to the next level.

Rain, shine, snow or sleet, the GasPops have been a Tuesday night tradition at the Waterloo for nearly seven years. Throughout this time, band members have changed and they transitioned from a mohawked out, country-punk rock band into a smooth alternative country group that regularly draws large crowds of all ages.

“Only the name ‘Gasoline Lollipops’ is the same now, and really, it’s a new band because the current members are all new except for Clay (frontman and singer-songwriter),” said Adam Perry, drummer for the Gasoline Lollipops.

Over the years, the GasPops have built a large fanbase in the Denver and Boulder area, filling venues like the Fox Theatre in Boulder and the HI-Dive on Broadway. They took their sound internationally in January, travelling to the caribbean and playing two beach-side shows in Belize. 

Perry noted that there were palm trees sticking through the stage, which was close enough to the ocean for him to take a swim in between sets. “We were sent down there by a Colorado native who owns a bar on Ambergris Caye and can’t wait to return next January. We’re also playing a couple weeks this November in Belgium and the Netherlands, so that’s exciting as well,” he added.

 Photo Courtesy of Gasoline Lollipops

Photo Courtesy of Gasoline Lollipops

The band recently landed a gig at Red Rocks. “It was an honor to be selected for Film On The Rocks, and we’re playing an hour-long set before Twister on September 11,” said Perry. “I’m not sure we could adequately express our excitement about getting to play there. It’s gonna be hard to sleep the night before; that’s for sure.”

With all the recent popularity the Gasoline Lollipops have gained, their regular Tuesday evening shows at Waterloo are coming to an end. “Our relationship with the Waterloo has definitely been a symbiotic one, and the appreciation goes both ways,” said frontman Clay Rose. “For us, Waterloo has been a place to practice new songs while we slowly but surely gain a strong local following. For Waterloo, we have provided a regular Tuesday crowd over the years that has eventually outgrown their Friday night business.”

“The Gasoline Lollipops’ last-ever gig at Waterloo in Louisville is Tuesday, July 18,” Perry said. “I’m sure Clay and the Waterloo regulars will be pretty damn confused about what to do on Tuesday nights from now on. Lots of people who come every week have described it as their ‘church’- but I’m sure we’ll be using it for GasPops band practices and recording sessions,” he said.

-Dylan Hochstedler