Planting the best seeds means great beer, better bodies

Simple, healthy beer is one of the goals at Seedstock Brewery and to push that theme even further, how about a free yoga class?

According to Ron Abbott, partial owner of Seedstock Brewery,  the term “seedstock” comes from the farming community and roughly translated means, you save the best of what you have today for planting tomorrow.

At Seedstock, they use the same idea for their brewing by applying concepts from the past to what they do today. This approach allows them to craft straightforward beer instead of the more complex hop bombs that have become prevalent in the Colorado scene. “Simplicity,” Abbott says. “We are most passionate about the beers our Czech and German ancestors brewed 150 years ago on their farms.”

Because of this, expect to taste Kolsch, Czech Lagers, Bohemian and Wiezenbock styles of beer when visiting Seedstock. According to Abbott,  one of their best sellers is the Bohemian Ale, which is copper in color with a slightly tart and citrus aroma.

 © maxmaslov / ADOBE STOCK

© maxmaslov / ADOBE STOCK

But before you jump into that first beer, consider some physical exercise. At 10 a.m. this Saturday, June 3, the free 60-minute, all-levels class with local yoga pro Molly Jo of Adventures in Nourishment is on tap. Then, you are encouraged to “wash down all that zen with a tasty pint for $3.50,” according to Seedstock’s Facebook page.

Seedstock is located at 3610 W. Colfax Ave., in Denver.

-Dylan Hochstedler