Kim Cavallaro - Rising Sun Distillery

Unlike most distillers, Kim Cavallaro started in the food industry. She was enrolled in the culinary program at Johnson & Wales University when she realized her heart was more in the beverage industry. Cavallaro then changed her degree focus and went on to an internship at Downslope Distilling. She has been the Head Distiller of Rising Sun Distillery since August 2015. 

“I have come into the craft beverage industry from a unique perspective. Most people come from a science background and I come from a culinary background,” notes Cavallaro. “The distillery is like my kitchen. It’s a lot like cooking, the stove just looks a little different,” she said, adding that she loves bringing vodka, gin and other liqueur recipes together just as she did in culinary school. 

Cavallaro is most proud of Rising Sun’s Lavender Hibiscus Liqueur, a recipe she cooked up herself that includes Colorado lavender and honey. She is also proud of the fact that Rising Sun tries to source all ingredients as organically and as locally as possible. 

Aside from craft food and spirits, Cavallaro often has the urge to travel. She says her dream vacation would be a place like Argentina or Thailand, where she can explore other cultures with her boyfriend and, if allowed, her beloved cat.