Upslope throwing new brews your way to kick off 2017

Upslope Brewing Company is kicking off 2017 with two limited releases tailored for the last months of winter. 

Upslope's Belgian Style Pale Ale is out a month earlier than previous years. According to Upslope, the fan favorite will be increasingly limited this year to make way for upcoming releases. Previously known as, “Time of the Season,” (salute to the Zombies!) the Pale Ale scored Upslope its first Great American Beer Festival medal in the 2009 Pro-Am Competition. 

“Although this beer is only available for a very small part of the year, it’s always a highly anticipated, fan favorite,” says Upslope head brewer Sam Scruby. “It stands out by offering a much lighter profile than our early winter beers, like the Christmas Ale or the Oatmeal Stout, while maintaining a higher ABV to carry it through to the spring thaw.”

At 7.5 percent, light bodied yet full of flavor, the Belgian Pale serves as a great transition beer. After the heavy stouts of deep winter, this brew serves as an excellent "après-everything." Sweet and malty characteristics blend with fruity esters from the Belgian yeast, while coriander rounds out the finish.

What's more, Upslope’s first installment of its Tap Room Series for the year, a Peanut Butter Porter, will make a brief appearance. Roasty, nutty rich flavors and salty sweetness on the finish makes this a liquid Pay Day. Upslope recommends you enjoy this Peanut Butter Porter with buttered toast spread and Concord grape jelly. Yum!


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