Chris Haver - Purple Mountain Bed & Breakfast

Chris Haver

Purple Mountain Bed & Breakfast

Chris Haver, who grew up in North Carolina and regularly took ski trips to Colorado with his family, must have enjoyed those stays as a youngster. Yet, running a bed and breakfast in a small Colorado town wasn’t even a distant dream at that time. 

One day in the late 1980s, his brother approached him with a homebrew kit and asked for help brewing. Although their first batch turned out to be a distasteful bust, Haver stuck with it and became obsessed with the process of brewing.

After visiting Crested Butte on a winter road trip, he was blown away by the skiing and the majestic atmosphere of the small mountain town. Crested Butte became his annual winter vacation destination, and the small hamlet began to stick in his mind, more so after each visit. He started looking at property in the area and stumbled across a 1920s mining office that had been converted into a bed and breakfast in 1976. He and his wife, Mollie, bought the property and run it as Purple Mountain Bed & Breakfast, located less than four miles from the Crested Butte slopes. Because of Haver’s passion for craft beer, Purple Mountain B&B offers a free daily beer tasting, which involves a craft beer before dinner. Purple Mountain also offers a spa, concierge service and endless information about the surrounding area.