Getting ready for the GABF throwdown

The Thirst Colorado Team

As the excitement grows for the 35th Great American Beer Festival, suds geeks from around the globe are descending on our fair city to get a taste of the country’s best.

Keep in mind that you cannot live on beer alone. You need additional frivolity, activities and food. So when the crowds build and the lines grow long, just remember that 800 people attended the first GABF in 1982 and now there are 800 breweries for 2016.

The 2016 lineup - with a large contingent from Colorado -  will pour 3,800 different beers to 60,000 people who will take part in the three-day festival.

Don’t forget to make the most of your time by taking part in the backyard games found in Hall A. “Expect a backyard feel, with free games like cornhole and KanJam – and perhaps some ‘80s tunes," according to GABF organizers. However, if they start spinning Olivia Newton-John, be careful not to throw up any of that awesome beer you’ve consumed!

If you can get in to “meet the brewers,” take advantage! Up to 120 breweries will participate by providing access to their employees. Face-to-face time with brewers is like hanging out with the super heroes of sudsy goodness. It enhances the experience every time.

And lastly – EAT SOMETHING! Yes, pretzels are fine and they can help keep you thirsting for more, but the fine folks at GABF have taken the time to bring you real food. The American Cheese Society will offer an incredible array of products from around the country (including Wisconsin). Also look for the food carts and the Beer & Food Pavilion, sponsored by Red Robin.

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