Product Spotlight: Summer 2016

Klean Kanteen
The Klean Growler keeps beer, kombucha or cold-brewed coffee at its original temperature for days. Due to the electropolished interior, there is no flavor retention, making it hassle-free to rinse out and change hydrating fluids at any time of day. All Klean Kanteen products are shatterproof, making them ideal for any outdoor activity.

Beer Cap Maps
Ideal for any beer connoisseur, Beer Cap Maps allows you to celebrate your favorite craft beers, as well as challenge you to try new craft beers from around the state and country. With all 50 states and 10 countries to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect map to match your roots and heritage.

Synek Beer Dispenser
Thanks to Synek, you can now pour fresh draft beer from the comfort of your own home. The Synek Beer Dispenser is a standalone kitchen appliance that refrigerates and pressurizes the beer inside.

Zeal Optics Brewers Glasses
The engineers who constructed these flashy shades had two things in mind – a low environmental impact and a high profile. The frames and lenses are both constructed from plant-based materials rather than crude oil or petroleum-based bonders. This pair of polarized sunglasses is sure to turn heads and collect compliments.

RMU Dry Pak 30
Whether your morning commute involves a stream crossing on a bicycle or your everyday workout routine consists of an hour or two on standup paddle board, Rocky Mountain Underground has developed an all-encompassing solution: the completely waterproof Dry Pak 30. Excellently suitable for any activity that demands a certain level of respect for the unpredictability of our adventure-based lifestyles.

These fully customizable, 100% handmade wall pieces come in several different styles. Whether you are looking for a fully colored Colorado flag, grayscale or a rustic look, they all demonstrate life in Colorado, simplicity and natural beauty. ColoradoCarved products make a great centerpiece for any living room, dining room, bar, office or brewpub.


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  • Compiled by Dylan Hochstedler