The Jailhouse Craft Beer Bar Opens in Buena Vista with Unreal Draft Selection

The Jailhouse Craft Beer Bar is opening its doors this week on East Main Street in Buena Vista. As the first bar of its kind in the area, The Jailhouse offers 10 rotating taps featuring craft beers from throughout Colorado, the United States, as well as some offerings from abroad.

The opening tap list includes beers from Casey Brewing & Blending, Cannonball Creek, Comrade, Melvin, La Cumbre, Perennial, Almanac, Oakshire, and Victory. The Jailhouse also offers a curated selection of bottles and cans, as well as a small wine list.

“There is so much great beer out there. In Colorado alone we have over 280 breweries, many of which have never been able to showcase their beer in the Arkansas Valley, until now,” says Jailhouse owner Sarah Haughey. “I want to give the people of Buena Vista and the surrounding area the opportunity to try as much beer as their taste buds can handle. Our selection will always rotate and will always offer something for everyone.”

The approximately 1,000 square-foot space features an original stone wall and beams from when the building was a stable-turned-jail in the late 1800s. The remodel of the space includes a custom, live-edge walnut bar top, iron tap tower with railroad spike handles, vintage lighting, antique décor, and Beetle Kill Pine accents.

The entrance to The Jailhouse lies behind a large iron gate leading into a community garden with young aspen trees and rose bushes. A cozy front patio features a fire table and deconstructed wine barrel Adirondack chairs for seating. The Jailhouse also offers shaded patio seating in the back courtyard where The Divide food truck serves up Italian inspired eats during Jailhouse hours.

Courtesy of Jailhouse Craft Beer Bar