Take a Nitro Tap on the Road

Breckenridge vanilla porter cans exhibit technological advance

By Steve Graham
For years, I have been partial to the creamy porters and stouts on nitrogen taps at Colorado breweries. But great nitro beers rarely translate well to a bottle or can.

This month, Breckenridge Brewery changed all that by selling its vanilla porter in a new nitrogen-charged 16-ounce can.

The cans contain a widget similar to the patented “smoothifier” that Guinness has inserted in cans since 1997. The widget provides Guinness creamy mouthfeel and a thick, cascading head, even from a can.

The widget is also used in Boddington’s Pub Ale, Murphy’s Stout and other English and Irish beers. However, until now, it was virtually unused in the United States.

Breckenridge is launching a line of beers in four-packs of nitrogen-charged cans, starting with the subtly sweet vanilla porter and its classic chocolate and roasted nut flavors. 

This means the nitro experience is now available on the go — and just in time for camping season. Wherever summer takes you, you can take some smooth nitro goodness with those tiny delicious bubbles

Next month, the Lucky U IPA will also be released in nitro cans, followed by a fall seasonal in August.

“The portability that our nitro can offers really opens the number of occasions in which the beer can be consumed,” said Breckenridge sales director George O’Neill. “Those who enjoy the nitro experience no longer have to remain tied to the bar stool or pint glass.”