Great Divide Needs Your Help to Save the Yetis

Courtesy of Great Divide Brewing

Support National Yeti Awareness Week at a bar near you

Great Divide Brewing Company is declaring (this week) the third week of November, the 14th through 18th, as National Yeti Awareness Week, with November 18th as the official National Yeti Day. The search for the mythical Yeti dates back to 326 BC with Alexander the Great, and continues on today with the most recent Yeti sighting in the Pyrenees mountains of Spain this past February. To this day, no one has succeeded in capturing the Yeti. Great Divide is establishing National Yeti Awareness Week and Day as a way to celebrate and promote the awareness of these majestical creatures, and encourage others to believe. 

“The Yeti population is becoming increasingly reclusive due to human skepticism” said Shannon Berner, marketing manager at Great Divide. “The Yeti is an incredibly misunderstood, and often forgotten majestic creature. Our goal is to unite believers from around the world to join this cause. Joining the Yeti Awareness movement will help ensure that no Yeti gets left behind.” 
To help raise awareness, Great Divide will host a number of tap takeovers and Yeti themed events around the country. The festivities will culminate Friday, November 18th at 5PM with a National Yeti Day celebration at Great Divide’s Barrel Bar in Denver. The party will feature a plethora of Yetis, including Velvet Yeti, special Yeti Firkins, and the rest of the seasonal clan. There will be food pairings as well as snacks made with Yeti Imperial Stout.

National Yeti Awareness Week will also serve as the launch for the new Yeti 3-Packs. The Yeti 3-Pack will feature three different Yeti flavors, and rotate seasonally. Each 3-pack will include a Yeti Carabiner Mug. 

Great Divide reached out to the Yetis via email for their response on the current population epidemic facing the beasts. The following response was written in snow and found in a Google Earth image focused over the Himalayas. 
“Our survival is based solely on the human species belief in us,” wrote a Yeti Chieftain-- presumably.  “We don’t need all 7.5 billion humans to believe in Yetis yet, but if we can convince 1,000 humans annually, we could slowly grow our population back to what it was before humans stopped believing.” 

Become a believer today, and help Great Divide increase the Yeti population by participating in the first annual National Yeti Awareness Week. 

Disclaimer: Some of the statements in this press release are not factual.