Welcome to Thirst Colorado, the area’s first craft beer and spirits magazine that is aimed at Colorado’s incredibly diverse and active lifestyle.

Please join us in celebrating the culture that will hike 10 miles and throw back a cold one to celebrate. Or what about those who work their butts off for a charitable cause and then celebrate with their favorite neighborhood libation. It’s not just the 300 days of sun (400, according to some chamber of commerce enthusiasts) each year that excites the state’s young active residents, it’s those in the culture who like to work hard and reward themselves. 

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In case you’ve yet to meet the people behind the taps, you’ll find engineers, geologists and many other professionals who have tossed aside former careers for something that really gets their juices flowing. More than 90 percent of them donate time to charity, according to a study from The Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado. If you are sensing something positive as it relates to this new culture, then you will understand our excitement for this magazine and digital presence.

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In very round numbers, there are 250 breweries statewide and about 50 distilleries. The number is growing nearly every week. The Front Range is riding a wave of openings that benefit neighborhood residents who are seeking fun, safe places to gather with family and friends.

In our free-distribution publication, we will share the stories of interesting people on both sides of the tap. From cyclists and slackliners to brewers and business owners, we’ll reveal the pulse that beats throughout our neighborhoods, foothills and mountain peaks. With distribution throughout the state – the heaviest dose along the Front Range – we hope to share a never-ending barrel of stories. Do you know of interesting people, places and events within this culture? Share it with us and the readers of this exciting new publication!