Boulder Beer Co.

Founded in 1979, Boulder Beer Co. was the 43rd licensed brewery in the United States and is widely known as the first microbrewery in Colorado. Back then, beer was not regulated to the extent it is now, and the original site for the Boulder Beer Co. brewhouse was in a shed on a farm that was shared with goats.

Original owners David Hummer and Stick Ware started their brewery based on the spectacular feedback they received from friends, family and colleagues on their homebrews and the freewheeling atmosphere that Boulder was known for in the late 1970s. According to Julie Kovaleski, Boulder Beer Co.’s marketing coordinator, it wasn’t until after they had opened for business that a government representative informed them they needed to file for a license and fill out additional paperwork to sell their beer legally.

The original owners of Boulder Beer have ceded their interest. The current ownership includes president Jeff Brown, brewmaster David Zuckerman and a small group of local investors.  

Due to its rich history, Kovaleski points out that Boulder Beer serves as a local watering hole for some customers and a destination brewery for others. “We will see many of the same faces from around the neighborhood come in, but our daily tours are filled with people from all over,” she says.

In November, a months-long remodel was completed, which provides more space in the pub and more taps in the bar. Tours are offered Monday-Saturday at 2 p.m. Tour space is limited so, get to the pub early to make sure you get your name on the list. Grab an entrée and a pint of Hazed while you wait!



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Address and Contact Info

Address: 2880 Wilderness Pl, Boulder, CO 80301
Tele: (303) 444-8448
Live Music: Yes
Food: Full Kitchen