Boulder Area


Asher Brewing Co.

Sustainability and being able to provide organic brews for Boulder County are what the group at Asher is striving to achieve.
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Avery Brewing Co.

Known in the craft community for big, barrel-aged beers, Avery Brewing Co. is one of Colorado's largest craft breweries.
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Boulder Beer Co.

Founded in 1979, Boulder Beer Co. was the 43rd licensed brewery in the United States and is widely known as the first microbrewery in Colorado.
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Bru Handbuit Ales

Where artisan food and beer meet, BRU is a thriving gastro-pub located in Boulder, CO.
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Cellar-West Artisan Ales

At Cellar-West Artisan Ales they specialize in ales that have been fermented in oak barrels and are made with wild yeast.
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Fate Brewing Co.

Fate Brewing serves up unique brews with great food offerings out of their Boulder location. 
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F_G taproom .jpeg

Finkel & Garf Brewing Co.

Eric and Dan Garfinkel created the perfect atmosphere for a brewery with a simple mission: family, friends and great beer.
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Gunbarrel Brewing Co.

Gunbarrel is new to the Boulder brewing scene and is scheduled to open in spring 2017.
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J Wells Brewing Co.

Being the smallest nano brewery in Boulder, at 1.5 barrels of beer (three pony kegs), has never stopped Jamie Wells in his pursuit of creating great craft beer.
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Kettle and Spoke Brewing Co.

Partners Paul Sink and Patrick Mulcahy opened their brewery Kettle and Spoke in 2016 in the Green Guru/Front Range Cargo Bikes facility.
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Mountain/Southern Sun

“At the Mountain Sun and Southern Sun, our mission is to offer five-star service, fresh, high quality pub fare and finely crafted brews for affordable prices in an environment that’s comfortable like your living room.”
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New Planet Beer

When Boulder native Pedro Gonzalez found out he had Celiac disease, he made it his mission to produce a line of gluten-free beers. He opened New Planet in 2009 and has been pushing the gluten-free and gluten-reduced scene in Colorado ever since. 
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Raices Brewing Co.

Raices mission is to create community through delicious, high-quality beer with Latino roots. 
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Sanitas Brewing Co.

Emblazoned with a wise owl and the 6-pointed brewers star signifying the important pieces of brewing, Sanitas owners Michael and Chris blaze forward with unique beers and good vibes. 
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Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place

Shine's Restaurant and Brewery is the result of a three-sister partnership that focus on sustainably driver food and beer that are good for people and the planet. 
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Twisted Pine Brewing Co.

From chili beers to resiny IPA's, Twisted Pine has been cranking out craft beer and food since 1995.
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Upslope Brewing Co.

Based in Boulder Upslope brewing's mission is thus: make a better beer rooted in the outdoor lifestyle. 
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Vindication Brewing Co.

Providing great beer and local community commitment is what it’s all about for the owners of Vindication Brewing. 
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Vision Quest Brewing Co.

Not only does Vision Quest provide home brewing supplies and home brewed beer, but they also have home brewing classes available that range from beginners to advanced.
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Walnut Brewery

Walnut Brewery was established in 1990 and is located in the heart of downtown Boulder on Pearl Street Mall. 
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Westflanders Brewing Co.

Westflanders is Boulder's iconic Pearl Street brewery, offering Belgian beer and food.
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White Labs

White Labs is a company who works to stretch the limits of science in order to set new standards in purity and freshness for brewers and homebrewers alike.
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Wild Woods Brewing Co.

At this outdoors inspired brewery owned and operated by Jake and Erin Evans they have crafted and perfected the perfect recipes for each of their beers on tap. 
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Industrial Revolution Brewing Co.

Father son duo, Tim Suttman and Nate Cervantes of Industrial Revolution Brewing Company (IRBC), are co-owners of this establishment in Erie. 
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Lafayette Area


Front Range Brewing Co.

When you arrive at Front Range Brewing you will be sure to find a wide range of German-inspired beers on the taps. 
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Liquid Mechanics Brewing Co.

Liquid Mechanics stays relevant with great beers and a fun taproom that'll keep you coming back for more.
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odd13 exterior (photocred odd13).JPG

Odd13 Brewing Co.

Odd13 in Lafayette, CO specializes in kettle sours and New-England style IPA's.
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The Post Brewing Co.

Aside from serving world-class beer, The Post also operates as a finger-lickin’ fried chicken joint that serves anything from a 12-piece bucket to a plate of delectable chicken and waffles.
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UTurn BBQ & Brewing Co.

Serving up delicious BBQ and cold brews, UTurn's got it all. 
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Louisville Area


12degree Brewing Co.

12degree brewing in Louisville serves up Belgian inspired brews. 
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Crystal Springs Brewing Co.

Crystal Springs works on quality by making small batches of beers and adjusting the new batches as needed. Co-founder Tom Horst said, “A great many problems have been solved while sharing good beer.”
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Gravity Brewing Co.

While priding themselves on big beers, such as the Tsar Bomba, a Russian Imperial Stout that weighs in at 11 percent ABV, or Acceleration, a double IPA that tests at 9.8 percent, they also offer a portfolio that includes a wide range of sessionable beers.
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Oskar Blues

Oskar Blues opened its doors in 2002 and soon launched the craft-beer-in-a-can craze. 
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James Peak Brewery and Smokhouse

Mark Ruiz, head brewer, and Matty McClyman, house manager, are bringing great beer and BBQ to the people of Nederland at James Peak Brewery and Smokehouse.
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Very Nice Brewing

It was passion and destiny that led Jeffrey Green and his wife Susan to opening up a brewery in Nederland.
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Amalgam Final.jpg

Amalgam Brewing Co.

The head brewers of Powder Keg Brewing, Philip Joyce and Eric Schmidt, created a side brewing project together called Amalgam Brewing showcasing their brewing talent in a new-light. 
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Bootstrap Brewing Co.

Looking to try a wide range of unique craft beers from golds to stouts? Well, look no further. The Bootstrap brewery has been crafting funky and delicious beers for the Niwot community since they opened in 2012.
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Powder Keg Brewing Co.

The Powder Keg features American beers and Belgian-style beers with the occasional session ale.
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