Melvin Aims to Defeat Medical Debt


By Dylan Hochstedler

Melvin Brewing has set a goal of raising $300,000 for RIP Medical Debt to help the charitable organization forgive millions in defaulted or unpaid medical debt.

The Wyoming-based brewer plans on raising these funds with the launch of YOUR IPA, the newest addition to its core lineup.

“We spoke with our suppliers and distributors, and we came up with a (240-barrel) donation batch,” said Eric Henderson of Melvin Brewing. “We got ingredients donated, we’ve had distributors agree to donate their time and services and we’ve got bars donating $500 per keg delivered.”

With 100 percent of the proceeds going to RIP Medical Debt, Melvin hopes to raise nearly $200,000 from the donation batch alone.

“At the same time we’re certain that this donation batch will drive a bunch of awareness and people to RIP Medical Debt. No doubt this will help them raise even more money and forgive more debt,” Henderson said.

Ultimately, RIP hopes to relieve up to $30 million with Melvin’s support.  According to Melvin, every $10 donated will result in the elimination of up to $1,000 in debt through RIP Medical Debt. 

In addition to the $200,000 from the donation batch, Melvin plans on raising the other $100,000 by donating 2 percent of all other profits from YOUR IPA through June 2019.


“When talking about charities to work with, medical debt was a big one for us because we have all spent time working in the service industry with no health care plans,” Henderson said. “Many friends and coworkers have had accidents that incurred huge amounts of medical debt.”

For the beer, YOUR IPA is a mix between old school CTZ hops and new school cryo hops to make a clean, classic IPA.

“It’s earthy, dank and a kick-ass homage to our favorite things about the roots of our favorite style of beer,” Henderson said.