Have fresh beer delivered to your office or front door

 Photos courtesy of Craft Alley

Photos courtesy of Craft Alley

Craft Alley has taken the traditional liquor store model a step further by delivering fresh beer poured and sealed at some of Denver’s top independent brewers.

“There are so many amazing breweries to try, all constantly turning out new innovative beers,” said Bryce Forester, owner of Craft Alley. “But with people’s busy schedules, and with breweries located all across the metro area, it is hard to get to every taproom to try all the beers.”

Forester and his brother, Bret, began to search for a service that would deliver fresh craft beer to their front door. “We thought, ‘wouldn’t it be perfect if there was a way to bring the breweries to us?’” Bryce said.

A few months after formulating their idea, the brothers opened Craft Alley for a soft launch in April. In June, they announced they were delivering 32-ounce crowlers around the metro area. The quarts, filled and sealed in aluminum cans at various breweries, are turned over to Craft Alley, which then delivers them to customers in 21 Zip codes.

Currently working with six different breweries within the metro area: Bruz Beers, Mockery Brewing, Spangalang Brewery, New Terrain Brewing Company, New Image Brewing and Fiction Beer Company, Bryce explained they plan to add more breweries to their selection as their business continues to grow.

For the owners at Bruz Beers, it was worth offering its beers up as part of the service.

“It's hard to get our beer out to everyone in a way that guarantees that the beer will taste just like it does in the taproom,” said Ryan Evans, founder of Bruz Beers in northwest Denver. “When you enter into a typical distribution contract you lose a lot of control over your beer, its delivery and handling.  After talking with Bryce and Bret about how they can increase our exposure while maintaining quality control, it just made a lot of sense.  We now have a unique distribution opportunity in not only being in the most dynamic beer shop in Denver, but also the ability to have our products delivered straight to your door. For a small brewery, that's great!  Couple that with the fact that people can obtain our seasonal and small batch series, and everyone benefits.”  

For a complete list of delivery Zip codes, click here. For large orders and those outside of the delivery zone, contact Craft Alley to see if they can make an exception at 1455 S. Pearl St., in Denver, or visit www.craftalley.com.

  • Dylan Hochstedler