Steve Indrehus - Tommyknocker Brewery and Pub

Meet Steve Indrehus, director of brewing operations at Tommyknocker Brewery and Pub.

Indrehus has spent 21 years developing well-rounded beers with quality ingredients. The humble nature of Tommyknocker Brewery’s old-school beers are a testament to his mantra: “nothing fancy.” Yet, his creations keep drinkers coming back for more. Maybe it’s because he’s a self-proclaimed anti-hophead, or that he started from the bottom and worked his way up, or maybe because he has never used a kernel of cascade hops (the most prolific hop used in the brewing industry). For Tommyknocker’s Blood Orange IPA, an unwillingness to have a loss in quality makes production more difficult because real oranges are hand-zested for every batch brewed.

Tommyknocker starts with snowmelt and rainwater fresh off Mt. Evans. The iconic waterfall that cascades into Idaho Springs adjacent to I-70 is the overflow from the water source that feeds Tommyknocker mountain brews. One of the original mountain breweries in Colorado, Tommyknocker’s beer is inspired by the landscapes that surround the town.

New beers are constantly popping up. Of the 18 rotating beers they serve, the most popular is always the newest, a testament to Indrehus’ new recipes. Tommyknocker beer is sold in 6-packs and they are “made to be drank.”