Great Divide Helps Fuel Limited-Edition Jameson Caskmates

What is whiskey? One could argue that it’s just beer with a few extra steps. So, when Jameson Irish Whiskey reached out to Great Divide Brewing Co. for a partnership, it made good sense, and apparently a good whiskey dubbed Jameson Caskmates.

It started in 2015 when Great Divide borrowed Jameson barrels from the Midleton Distillery to age a beer for eight weeks, resulting in a unique Jameson-finished dark lager named The Smoothness.

The barrels Great Divide used were then returned to the Midleton Distillery and refilled with Jameson Irish Whiskey. “The result is a unique neighborhood edition Jameson Caskmates with a truly original finish,” according to a Jameson report. “The unique finishing approach conveys the well-balanced characteristics of The Smoothness – like vanilla and chocolate – into the Jameson Caskmates Great Divide Brewing Co. Edition Irish Whiskey.”
With a balanced nose with notes of chocolate, oak and leather, Jameson Caskmates has “a smooth mouthfeel …  and mellow finish.”

Jameson has worked with several breweries in the U.S. on similar projects. “The breweries involved shared Jameson’s passion for craftsmanship, quality and creativity,” said Sona Bajaria, a spokesperson for Jameson. “With the creation of these locally brewed Jameson-inspired beers, our goal is to pay homage to the spirit of each brewery’s neighborhood.”

The Colorado version is available for a limited time so make sure you stop at one of these shops to pick up a bottle or simply taste the unique flavor combination.

The Jameson-Great Divide whiskey is available at Tony's Market, Lucky Joe's Saloon, Blake Street Vault, Highland Tap & Burger, Bull & Bush, 12 @ Madison, Carl's Tavern, Bootsy Bellows Aspen, Red Onion and Ricard Brasserie & Liquor.

Find out what Great Divide's team thinks about their collaboration with Jameson Irish Whiskey in the video below. 

* Video Courtesy of Jameson Irish Whiskey

- Ranay Janssen