Bear Creek Distillery is Growing its Lineup 

Bear Creek Distillery in south Denver serves rye, wheat and white whiskey; spiced, silver and cask-strength rum; as well as rye and wheat vodka. By the end of the year, Bear Creek will also unleash its Signature Straight Bourbon and Wheated Bourbon series, which will conclude a three-year aging program that they started soon after opening in November 2014. 

While waiting for the coveted release of their bourbons, distiller Jeff Dickinson has skillfully displayed his craft by distilling spirits such as their 100-percent rye and 100-percent wheat vodkas, plus a 100-percent wheat whiskey, all spirits that help set Bear Creek apart.

Before they opened, owners Jeff Dickinson and Jay Johnson spent time travelling to distilleries throughout the country. “One thing that became evident was people took their tasting rooms as secondary. We wanted to provide the full experience of a tasting room,” says Johnson. 

He also points out that Bear Creek Distillery takes no short cuts and they make all their spirits 100 percent grain to glass. “We’re doing it, and we knew from the beginning we were gonna do it.” 

Owners: Dbo Baker, Jeff Dickinson, Jay Johnson
Distiller: Jeff Dickinson   |  303-955-4638
1879 S. Acoma, Denver, CO 80223
Hours: Wed - Fri 4-10 p.m., Sat 12-10 p.m., 
Sun 12-6 p.m.