Justin Herd - The Local Butcher Shop

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Justin Herd

The Local Butcher Shop - Denver Central Market

Are you looking for a locally sourced slab of beef, pork, poultry, lamb or bison? Look no further because Justin Herd, owner of The Local Butcher Shop, is your go-to man. The Local Butcher is located inside The Denver Central Market, an airy new marketplace at 27th and Larimer Streets in the RiNo district. 

Growing up, Herd’s parents convinced him that all you needed for a great time was great food, great music and great people. He certainly took the great food aspect to heart, eventually carving out a career for himself. However, Herd started his career working in the finance industry in California. When he and his wife decided it was time to relocate, Denver was at the top of their list. 

While pursuing his MBA at the University of Denver, he did a complete 180 and decided to chase his passion for food. He started working at a local meat market and quickly began to form the blueprints for his own butcher shop. 

Herd said he takes tremendous pride in what The Local Butcher Shop offers customers from a product and customer service perspective. He works with local farmers to source meat instead of going through national chains, which Herd says results in higher quality products for customers.