Shine Brewing Co. hopes for repeat GABF win

Triplet and women-owned brewery, Shine Brewing CO, is competing for their third consecutive year at GABF next week. Featured beers this year include award-winning Ahimsa Gluten Free Ale, Shiva Imperial Porter, Barrel-Aged Kali Porter and Pahoda Pilz.

 © Shine Brewing

© Shine Brewing

Ahimsa, a gluten-free beer, received a bronze medal at the 2014 awards celebration. “We are prepared for the tough competition this year with a world-class selection of experimental beers,” Shine’s head brewmaster Mike Kasian states. “But beyond the competition, our favorite part of GABF is interacting with the attendees and seeing people’s faces light up when they taste our beer.”

This year Shine Brewing Company will be located at booth 114. We suggest you make this a stop and sample a few tasters of the Boulder staple and sustainably driven brewery and restaurant.

Keeping "health-centered" vibe's derived from their Boulder-based Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place, has always been a top priority. Using local ingredients and ethical practices–including recycling spent grain to local farmers for chicken feed and infusing each batch with Rose Quartz Essence are some of the initiatives that Shine follows. Jill Emich, co-owner of Shine Brewing Co. wants to bring a health-centered conversation to traditional beer culture. “Our restaurant is based around holistic food and sustainable practices, and our goal is to spark a conversation about how beer doesn’t have to mean beer gut, but can be about a HEALTHY gut. We love watching women come to the forefront in all things beer. We can’t wait to share it with everyone!”

Featured beers present at GABF from Shine are detailed below.

Barrel-Aged Kali Porter

Shine’s first whiskey barrel aged brew—This Imperial Porter is made with four kinds of chocolate malt along with Bourbon soaked roasted pecans. Then it is laid to rest in a Colorado whiskey barrel for 6 months. Incredible complexity of oak, whiskey and vanilla. This select brew will be entered for competition only, but is available for tasting at Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place. (10.2% ABV)

Ahimsa Gluten Free Ale (Great American Beer Festival2014 Bronze Medal Winner)

A sorghum-based beer with honey and Belgian candi sugar. Select hops create balance, chicory and lemon balm contribute flavors and offer healing qualities and antioxidants. This brew will be entered for competition and will be available for tastings at Shine’s booth. (5.8% ABV)

Pohoda Pilz

Pohoda (meaning “life is good”) Pilz is a drinkable light- to medium-bodied beer. Using Saaz hops imported from the Czech and select malts which impart a unique hop aroma and a clean, crisp finish. This brew will be entered for competition and will be available for tastings at Shine’s booth. (5.2% ABV)

Shiva Imperial Porter

Shine took their classic Kali Porter and added raw cacao from local company Cholaca to bring you Shiva Imperial Chocolate Porter. This new twist on their classic porter has a velvety smooth mouthfeel balanced by subtle notes of vanilla, caramel and fruit. It’s also loaded with antioxidants from the cacao. This brew will be entered for competition and will be available for tastings at Shine’s booth. (8.7% ABV)

Down Dog IPA

Made with generous amounts of Pacific Northwest hops, this style presents a pungent floral hop aroma of pine and citrus. The bitterness is supported by a malt backbone, which makes this full-bodied ale the perfect choice for hopheads. Will be available for tastings at Shine’s booth (6.5% ABV)

Courtesy of Shine Brewing